12th International CTI Conference – 5th-7th July 2016, Stuttgart, Germany

Exhaust aftertreatment systems for conventional diesel engine applications need to be adapted to the sometimes extreme environmental and operating conditions when they are converted for off-highway applications.
In most cases, simple modification is not sufficient for this, but components and systems have to be developed specially.
Due to the restriction in the particulate number, which has been introduced for the first time for almost all applications, the planned stage V thresholds will require the use of particulate filters. In view of the available installation space, the trend towards filters with SCR coating will continue.
These requirements justify an independent conference regarding this set of problems, and this year this will be combined with a program component that specifically deals with the innovations of SCR technology as the worldwide leading method for reducing nitrogen oxide.

Airlife will attend the conference and Andrea Carli will partecipate and present a forum on “Recent innovative developments in DeNOx SCR application for marine engines and stationary engines”.